(Hamburg, Germany)
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THE SPLASHDOWNS – eine musikgewordene Hommage an das NASA Bodenpersonal der Apollo Missionen – nimmt Euch mit mitreißendem Modernist Instro Surf und  Fuzzguitar Rock‘n‘Roll, raffiniert gespickt mit Original-NASA-Soundschnippseln und spannenden Raumfahrt-Visuals auf eine Reise zum Mond.

Dringt gemeinsam mit THE SPLASHDOWNS auf ihrem neuem Flugplan und mit dem brandneuen, fünften Album „Rocket Tales“ (Release 2017 bei Double Crown Records / USA) kühn dorthin vor, wo noch nie eine Surfrock-Band zuvor gewesen ist.


Text – English:

When THE SPLASHDOWNS are not devising missions to the moon, inventing fantastic new technology or meddling with forces they couldn’t possibly understand, they can be found standing on a stage somewhere in front of an ecstatic audience grinding axes and thumping tubs.

Formed in 1999, THE SPLASHDOWNS is a unique musical tribute to NASA’s ground staff during the era of the Apollo missions. The three-piece instro-combo, based in Hamburg, Germany has its musical roots planted firmly in the 60’s surf-garage sound spiced up with a potent dose of rock & roll.

The set consists of 100% original compositions ranging from exciting high-octane numbers to masterful atmospheric anthems. The band’s music has been featured in film and television and each of the 4 commercial releases has been supported by tours throughout Germany and beyond.



Dr Leif Joergensen – Lead Guitar

Dr Hercule Lintosswanksen – Drums & Percussion

Dr Aleksi Korhonen – Bass Guitar


„Rocket Tales“ – 2017

“Live At The Johnson Space Center” – 2012 (Kamikaze)

“Back To The Moon …In 2022”- 2011 (The Splashdowns/ Kamikaze)

“We Are Go” – 2005 (Elbtonal)

“The Space Act” – 2000 (String Records/ Kamikaze)


St. Pauli Ein Hundert” – 2010 (Compilation)

Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex” – 2010 (Soundtrack Album)

Dynamite #27” – 2011 (Compilation)

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